Progress Report

Eugene Opera has received significant new financial support in the form of two matching challenges.

60K Challenge for This Season

A small group of supporters has jointly pledged to donate $60,000 as soon as Eugene Opera raises $60,000 from other supporters. The combined amount ($120,000) is to be used to pay existing obligations. Currently, Eugene Opera owes approximately $160,000, including compensation for services already performed by the chorus, orchestra, technicians, and local businesses. If successful, the $60,000 matching challenge will enable the company to retire about 75% of its debt.

Please consider making a donation now, to double its value! Your donation will be matched dollar-for-dollar as soon as we reach the $60,000 target.


20K Challenge for Next Season

Another donor has promised to match $20,000 in additional donations for next season, for a total of $40,000. This amount must be used to support one or more new productions. Make a pledge for next season now, to trigger this dollar-for-dollar match!

To make a pledge toward the 2017-18 season, send email to

Eugene Opera is very grateful to these benefactors and those who have already stepped up to help meet the challenges. We hope that their generosity will inspire others, so that the full debt can be retired and next season planned.

The gap between production costs and income has grown over the past few years.
 We are taking a pause in our production schedule to address this gap and plan for the future. This step is necessary in order to make sure that our productions are of the highest possible quality and consistent with fiscal responsibility.

During this pause, we will consult with our patrons, our supporters, and our community as we determine what changes are needed in order to serve our mission most effectively. The Eugene Opera board and staff are fully committed to restoring the company to financial health so we can do what we do best: create live opera in Eugene.

We invite you to send us your comments or suggestions at

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