The Pirates of Penzance

This delightfully camp set was designed by Don Carson, a senior designer for Walt Disney Studios. With its overtones of a bygone era, it almost seems to channel the ghosts of Gilbert and Sullivan themselves!

“On Friday evening at the Hult Center, the Eugene Opera confirmed the enduring high spirits and fun that still can be found in W.S. Gilbert and Arthur Sullivan’s works. Dripping with Victorian costumes and punch lines, prettified by Don Carson’s updated cartoon sets and alive with active and sometimes hammy antics, the performance was a delightful start to the opera’s season….” — Marilyn Farwell, The Register-Guard, December 31, 2012

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Photography by Cliff Coles

01 Pirates pirates

02 Pirates Act 1 Ship

03 Pirates Act 1 Balloon landing

04 Pirates Act 2

04a Pirates alt lighting

05 Pirates Act 3

06 Pirates Act 3 Queen


pirate_stage_sketchpirates_drops_sketch pirates_3Dmodelpirates_modelpirates_boat_prop




Set Rental Information


Set Rental Fee (up to three [3] performances) $10,000
Additional Performances (each) $1,500
Security Deposit (refundable upon return of scenery) $2,000
Designer Royalty (payable to designer) $1,000
Technical Supervisor (per diem) $45
Technical Supervisor (housing and travel) varies by job
Load In/Load Out (paid upon load in) $1,800
Insurance Required $500,000


Set Designer Don Carson
Year Built 1997


Number of Trucks One 53’ truck


LOAD IN/LOAD OUT (8 hours) 1 Carp
1 Loader
8 Grips
SHOW 1 Carp
2 Flymen


In Eugene, the production was presented at the Hult Center for the Performing Arts.
Wall to wall width 125’ Depth of apron 10’
Width within stagehouse 100’ Depth (PL to back wall): 45’
Wing width SR 20’ Depth (PL to last line) 45’
Wing width SL 20’ Height of grid 71’
# of linesets 75 Height of proscenium 35’
Size of loading door 12’ x 16.5’ Width of proscenium 58’


Availability Not available


Owner Eugene Opera
Availability Not available


Supertitles Not available
Special projections None


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