Dialogues of the Carmelites

The stunning final act of Francis Poulenc’s Dialogues of the Carmelites is dramatic opera at its most sublime. This opera examines fear, courage, sacrifice, and faith—themes that come together in the astonishingly beautiful concluding scene. This is a theatrical experience that you will never forget.

Our cast

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Soprano Cecilia Violetta López
Soprano Cecilia Violetta López as Blanche de la Force
Soprano Deborah Mayer
Soprano Deborah Mayer as Mme Lidoine, Prioress
Soprano/Mezzo Emily Pulley
Soprano/Mezzo Emily Pulley as Sub-Prioress
Mezzo Hannah Penn
Mezzo Hannah Penn as Mère Jeanne
Soprano Tess Altiveros
Soprano Tess Altiveros as Sr. Mathilde
Soprano Jocelyn Claire Thomas
Soprano Jocelyn Claire Thomas as Sr. Constance
Tenor David Gustafson
Tenor David Gustafson as the Aumonier of Carmel
Baritone Marco Nistico
Baritone Marco Nisticò as the Jailer
Baritone Zachary Lenox
Baritone Zachary Lenox as an Officer
Mère Gerald Colleen Gaskill
Sr. Claire Margaret Alexander
Sr. Antoine Victoria McCoy
Sr. Catherine Theresa M. Hoy
Sr. Felicity Barbara Myrick
Sr. Gertrude Ananda Burke
Sr. Alice Chris Lamb
Sr. Valentine Shamra Clarke
Sr. Anne of the Cross Heidi von Brockdorff
Sr. Marthe Lois Stark
Sr. St. Charles Judy Morris