María de Buenos Aires

Performed May 4 and 6, 2018, Soreng Theater, Hult Center for the Performing Arts

“Overall, the performance was a tour de force of musical, artistic and athletic showmanship and gave the appreciative, sold-out Eugene audience a hearty appetite for Eugene Opera’s 2018-2019 season.”
Alison Kaufman, The Register-Guard, May 5, 2018


Catalino Cuervo (María)
Catalino Cuervo (María)


Paul La Rosa (El Payador)
Paul La Rosa (El Payador)


Milton Loayza (El Duende)
Milton Loayza (El Duende)


Guillermo Merlo & Fernanda Ghi
Guillermo Merlo and Fernanda Ghi (Dancers)


Dancers Marisela Rizik, Jim Ballard, Gustavo Ramirez, and Deanna Murphy gaze up at María (Catalina Cuervo)
Marisela Rizik, Jim Ballard, Gustavo Ramirez, Deanna Murphy (Dancers), Catalina Cuervo (María)


María — Catalino Cuervo
El Payador — Paul La Rosa
El Duende — Milton Loayza
Dancers — Fernanda Ghi, Guillermo Merlo, Jim Ballard, Gustavo Ramirez, Marisela Rizik, Deanna Murphy

Conductor and Piano — Andrew Bisantz
Violin 1 — Matt Fuller
Violin 2 — Lisa Bieber
Viola — Leslie Straka
Cello — Sylvie Spengler
Bass — Forrest Moyer
Flute — Jill Pauls
Percussion — Tim Cogswell, Sean Wagoner
Guitar — Cameron O’Connor
Bandoneón — Ben Thomas
Musical Preparation — Hung-Yun Chu
Orchestra Manager and Librarian — Cheryl Denice Wefler

Director — David Lefkowich
Choreographer — Fernanda Ghi
Lighting Designer — James McConkey
Technical Director — Alex Fontain
Stage Manager — Brett Finley
Assistant Stage Manager — Laura Scrimenti
Costume Coordinator — Claudia Cooper
Properties Coordinator — Caroline Barnes
Makeup and Wig Coordinators — Emily Campbell, Alaina Ruch
Supertitles Operator — Greg Hopper-Moore