Seeking Costume Department Staff

JOIN THE EUGENE OPERA PRODUCTION TEAM! With the expansion of our season to four productions, Eugene Opera is seeking additional staff.

New personnel needed in our costuming department are Costume Design Coordinator, Costume Design Assistant and Stitchers. Productions include Donizetti’s Lucia di Lammermoor (December 31 & January 3), Tchaikovsky’s Eugene Onegin (March 11 & 13), and Adamo’s Little Women (May 14 & 15). Personnel need to be available for the production dates above and preceding weeks for production and planning.

Compensation will be fee-based for the Coordinator and hourly for the Assistant and Stitchers based on experience.


Costume Design Coordinator: Supervise the rental costumes from initial fittings to the opening of the opera. Manage the Costume Shop and oversee Costume Design Assistant, stitchers and artists during fittings, alterations, and rehearsals. Oversee load out after production and costume return to rental company.

Costume Design Assistant: Assist the Costume Design Coordinator in fitting and altering costumes for artists. Assist at costume shop and during rehearsals and load out.

Stitchers: Assist Costume Design Coordinator with alterations for costumes.

To be considered for any of the above positions, please send cover letter, resume and references by August 31, 2015 to the Eugene Opera Office. E-mail PDF to or mail to 1590 Willamette Street Eugene, OR 97401.

Traviata Act 2 party 2

Katie the Office Mezzo Ep. 4 – Springtime Singalong, EXTENDED

Did you enjoy the #KTOM video in your e-mail update and Facebook feed? View the SPECIAL EXTENDED VERSION here.

It’s Springtime for Opera in Eugene and you know what that means! Oh, you don’t? Well here, let me tell you. Time for some Operatic Office DEVELOPMENT – complete with musical and dramatic reading elements.

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Katie the Office Mezzo Ep. 3 – The aftermath

After a very successful performance weekend of Sweeney, I’m finding the pace here in office has slowed down a bit. While I’m excited for the time to relax and get some organization projects done…there’s nothing worse than an over-functioner having nothing to…function. Therefore, please feel free to call, text, e-mail, stop by, send snail mail, send a carrier-pigeon, make smoke signals outside the window…anything.

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Katie the Office Mezzo Ep. 2: Office Update

HELP! It’s Production Week! Simply stated, this vlog is my attempt at sharing the joys and stresses of what goes on during production week from the perspective of my 2×4 window of 1590 Willamette Street. Please enjoy my perspective on free tickets.

In practical news: watch this entry to find out some cool things that are happening in the lobby in conjunction with our show!

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Katie the Office Mezzo – Episode 1

My name is Katie and I’m the Office Manager for Eugene Opera. In this vlog series I’m hoping to give you a glimpse into what goes on behind the scenes here at the opera. But not just literally backstage – also the exciting inter-workings of life at the office.

Behind every successful opera performance, there is a Company Manager who sent everyone 400 e-mails before they even got into town to sing. The fact that I’m a singer myself only makes this end of the process even more operatic.

Today’s inaugural entry? WHY EUGENE OPERA? Let me tell you what’s awesome about our company. Complete with a moment of bursting into song at the end…and the beginning…and halfway through.

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